ETCH Creative

Fundraising Communications



Fostering human connections with campaigns that drive results.



Tell us about your school. Tell us about your donors and your alumni and what you are trying to achieve. We want to know all about your audience so we can deduce the best way to communicate and connect with them on a meaningful level. 




Once we understand what your goals are, we will create two or three concepts that convey your message. Once those are ready, we will come together as a team to choose the most engaging way to tell your story.  




When we've all arrived at a final decision, we will get to work creating your final materials. After a couple rounds of revisions and corrections, our baby will go off to the printer, where we act as your advocate to make sure you get the best prices and quality. 


Follow Up

We want to know the results! We get invested in your cause, and will follow up with you to see how they were received. This feedback is invaluable to creating efffective and successful campaigns in the future.